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For my first blog post I went back and fourth deciding on a topic to discuss. Do I want to talk about Fashion, Drag or Make-up? Should I just talk about Kimora? Then I thought to myself, There is a much bigger issue that we need to underscore  as a whole and why wouldn't I make this my first post?! So here we go (please forgive my grammar errors lol I barely know what an adjective is 😆 )
Pride month has to be one of mine and my partners favorite times of the year. You see for many years we as an LGBT community fought hard and in fact are still fighting to this day for the simple right to love who we want and to have the same basic human rights that everyone else in our country enjoys. Pride is a time where our community and our allies come together and show the world that we will not live in fear and that with LOVE we will overcome all HATE. There is no administration, government, or individual, etc. that will be able to break us. Together with LOVE we can conquer anything. But you see, we have to get the message out there to everyone!
There are far too many LGBT youth that are struggling to find who they are, or that are questioning "what's wrong with me?" "why am I not normal?", etc. They are not strong enough to fight this on their own! Some of us have been there and it was probably one of the toughest times of our life. We struggled with ourselves until we gained the courage to accept who we truly were and live the life we want. We have to let these kids know that there is hope, That it dose get better and  that their life matters. We have to let them see that there are people out there who LOVE them no matter what. It's unfortunate that some LGBT youth lose their families, homes, friends and even their lives over the simple fact that they were born as LGBT. We have to show them that our community is strong and mighty, that LOVE will always prevail and we will always be there for each other as a whole LGBT Community.
This topic specifically is held very close to both mine and my partners hearts. So for this pride month I will be posting a few items from the Kimora Blac closet on my eBay page at: and any and all proceeds will be donated to the LALGBT center. 
I Know it may not be much but I hope that it can make a difference in at least one persons life. 
Love Always, Kimora & Anthony 

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